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. Participant in Orange Dance Feng Cui successful sail Shui-Fan Fung Uncle in the Ken ginger even Chung Ping Geung Mr. Chiu's mentor Shangguan jade Yu Shangguang Mrs. King Wang copperfield Tianlin Tian-lin Wang Tung Tung's dad king crystal Jing W circumscribe ongTravel agent... picture (115) the informal essay (41) to write me to think (24) my diary (21) this is I (12) the mood (11) the dog type day (10) life everybody all must live (8) the telecine (4) Clarinet (3) to be pregnant the diary pollster (2) the healthy new knowledge (2) psychology (1) to study (1) the diet to be wild (1) the young diary (1) participant (1) research... 1) market localization: Divides - Performer/Competitor/ Participant /Sports Inspired/Urban/Indie/Metro according to the Nike movement crowd and so on, actually Kappa settles on the market is very small subdivides market Indie, we now carry on the consumer to draw a portrait (Beijing): A 18 year old of high schools girl (or lover), draws thick... participant / member of Globe Forum or would like to be to throw financing some attainments, exchanges with everybody, the style is ordinary, also disliking of the some propaganda, so long as each neighbouring friend has a spot obtained, also was is worth. Laboriously operates a project, manages an enterprise, actually cannot obtain investor's favour; Uses energy the troubles...

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