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may beat open East China institute of political science and law judicature research center director the office the gate, the author somewhat is amazed, surface advance party is has a liking for the very temperate person. In more >> international commercial trade bribe crime (Chen thunder) author: Chen Lei "the United Nations Attack Transnational Organized Crime Joint pledge"and "the United Nations Counter-corruption Joint pledge" comprehensively standard... Jiangxi Province judicature hall judicature unification took a test the Chinese Pu law net new legal system newspaper entire province political and legal work conference to convene in January from 6 in Nanchang to 7th, entire province politi cal and legal work conference in Nanchang.. About the judicature administrative chain of command honest government law knowledge competition... (on December 17, 2007) the judicature administrative chain of command honest government law knowledge competition study... (on December 11, 2007)... People's Republic of China judicature department Supreme People's Procuratorate Supreme People's Court from 2001, the Beijing University law school, the Beijing University beautiful company (law school's entire capital company) with "two is high" the cooperation to develop the national court, the procuratorate system legal science long-distance (network) specially rises this school record education, accumulated the rich legal teaching experience. Should examine, law 2... judicature test Maoming city cadre staff research method test pop quiz Maoming city four levels mediates the network work responsibility more judicatures test >> friendship link Maoming city various notary publics.. The Maoming city basic unit judicature desk work survey [ 2007-9-18 ]my city gold pond judicature office building completes the investment use [ 2007-9-18 ] my city to develop scene inspector general notarization... Dehui city judicature bureau take "four grasps" grips... [ 12-28 ] my city as themethod to conduct whole city attorney the socialism law government... [ 12-28 ] the Changchun reed ditch reeducation through labor institute... [ 12-28 ] the city judicature bureau to conduct the whole city community with two areas east stations to rectify the experiment site labor... [ 12-24 ] the Changchun legal help center completely to complete 20... [ 12-24 ]... Zhejiang Province judicature hall website, contains column and so on organization synopsis, management guide, legal help. The consults the province judicature hall face the society expert evidence administration earnestly to transmit the implementation provincial party committee ten sessions of two plenary sessions spirits on January 2, saves judicial hall party committee secretary, Department Chief Comrade Chen Weixiong presides over the convention hall party committee enlarged meeting, the transmission provincial party committee ten sessions of two plenary sessions spirits, and the union judicature administrative chain of commandreality, thoroughly studies the entire province judicature administrative chain of command implementation realization concrete measure... Chengdu to be responsible for the legal system propaganda, the common legal general knowledge; The surveillance and the instruction carries out the penalty, transforms the criminal; Instructs and supervises attorney, the notarization, legal advisor, society work the and so on legal consultation service, legal help government function department.Under

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