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headquarter in South California, USA, Mindspeed Technologies Inc. (NASDA.. The company adv impracticable ertises for the information to hope theprestige road (Beijing) the technical development limited company.. The company advertises for the information Shenzhen friend rapidassociation communication limited company .. The companyadvertises for the information thousand oaks interactions group (CIAC/ChinaInterActiveCorp) thousand oaks... ISACA general meeting newest present situation: Headquarter Updated (2007/7/27~2007/9/3) 200.7/7/16 million (transport business guaranteesseries curriculum) the computer warning to know with corrupts practices checks the to background ol FTK&ACL utilization (200.7/8/31 million) 20.07/7/4 million "9~10 the month general software _Excel elementary class to train the curriculum" the determination to teach acourse! (2007/9/15~... the headquarter people(application engineers, servitor sale, marketing) routinely for status up-date.6.manage RFQ request and co-ordinate response.. 7.manage and co-ordinate for smooth transition from design development to mass... the production safety fence, the intelligent disconnector, the temperature changes delivering, the measuring appliance and the water meter. The rectangular Headquarter : 021-51692146 10am-4pm Mon-Fri Copyright 2006-2007 JT Kids Party. All rights reserved. Shanghai ICP prepares 06.037465 million JT Kids Party www.kidsparty.cnall rights reserved all contents without authorization not to have to reprint or makes other to use Shanghai culture dissemination limited company... (Hong Kong headquarters HEADQUARTER ) the telephone (TEL):00852-27837818,27826888 facsimile (FAX):00852-27837918,23443904 contact person (CONTACT PERSON): Mr. Chen, Miss Xiao address: Hong Kong Kowloon Nathan says 208-212 great-hearted building 10 buildings 1001 room ADD:UNIT 1,001 FOURSEAS BUILDING 208-212... Headquarter the new times the PDA industryprogression to glisten according to terminal CASIO IT-600 CASIO based on POS QT-8000PC machine is taken to the threshing ground CASIO to promote the DT-X5 new type, may distinguish one, two-dimensional bar code CASIO IT-10: Earthquake resistance, waterproofing and dustproof industrial used PDA more news >> CASIO POS computer in orderto satisfy in the customer trade... the Guangzhou and Shanghai. The successful candidate will join the 34 strong headquarter team in Beijing. They will work directly to the lead officer for Trade Policy and Agriculture, Food & contacts with us: Email: Similar position: ...

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